Jen and John Back On? Now With Photos!

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(Oct. 20) - After nearly a two month break-up, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer seem to be back on. The couple were photographed leaving Sunset Tower's Tower Bar in Hollywood together last week, X17online exclusively reports.
Following their August break-up, Mayer said he didn't "want to waste somebody's time if something's not right," and needed to "be alone." Aniston, on the other hand, appeared to be living it up, having dinner with Paul Rudd and vacationing in Mexico.
There have been recent rumors that Aniston had been calling Mayer, hoping to rekindle their romance. Perhaps absence makes the heart grow stronger?
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The Johnnifer Saga

    The first picture of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer back together after a two month breakup. The couple have a romantic dinner at Sunset Towers Oct 14, 2008. ( EXCLUSIVE)

    Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were recently caught making out in an airport, according to the Enquirer. Last month, there were rumors of a reconciliation in the works for the couple.

    WireImage / FilmMagic

    Just a few weeks removed from being dumped by Mayer, Aniston went on a so-called "revenge tour" in New York City, where the singer lives part-time. The 'Friends' alum dined with old pal, Paul Rudd, at Nobu, Mayer's favorite hangout, on Aug. 19.

    AP / FilmMagic

    A fellow diner said the pair "looked like two close friends catching up and discussing doing another project together." Of course, Rudd made a star turn on "Friends" as Phoebe's husband on the show.

    Warner Bros.

    A week after putting the brakes on their summer romance, Mayer told the world exactly why he's no longer with Aniston, saying he broke up with her because he didn't want to "waste somebody's time if something's not right."

    John Parra,

    Just a week prior to the split, two major tabloids claimed that Aniston was getting married (OK!) to Mayer and was also planning on having the singer's baby (Star).

    OK! / Star

    The MayerSton love train was cruising along for months, but the duo never made any intentional public appearances. Here, they're caught either snuggling or hiding from photographers during a stopover in London earlier this summer.


    Jennifer Aniston on the week that stories surfaced that she was tying the knot with John Mayer.


    Aniston spent time in Los Angeles working while Mayer visited her in between concert gigs.

    Mayer and Aniston also had weekend getaways to Mexico in between his gigs. Here, Mayer takes time out from Aniston to take a phone call.

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