William Shatner Can't Let Go of His George Takei Grudge

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(Oct. 24) - William Shatner explains that he continues to have choice words for his former 'Star Trek' co-star George Takei only because his feelings are hurt.
"I wish he'd stop being mean to me," says Shatner in his latest video aimed at Takei.
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Anatomy of a Feud

Shatner's Latest Salvo

Takei Fires Back

Shatner's First Blast

Bad History: Takei Roasts Shatner

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The back and forth began when Shatner claimed that he was left off the guest list for Takei's wedding to longtime partner Brad Altman. The two wed in September, months before Prop 8 banning gay marriage was passed on Election Day.
Shatner told originally told his Youtube audience that the snub "makes me feel badly. The poor man, there is such a sickness there. It's so painfully obvious that there is a psychosis there."
Takei had then spoken to Entertainment Tonight about Shatner's viral video. "It is absolutely baffling to us because, in fact, we did invite Bill and we didn't hear from him," said Takei to ET. "But it wasn't surprising because it's true to his history. He's never responded to an invitation. Every time there was something happy to celebrate amongst us ... he never showed up."
Takei added: "He used the word psychotic against me? Well, I think his stability is quite questionable."
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    The tensions have simmered between 'Trek' co-stars William Shatner and George Takei for decades. But it's Shatner who leashes out in a nasty YouTube video after he's left off Takei's wedding guest list.

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So now Shatner, in a sitdown interview with his daughter Liz, tries a new tact: civility. "I read his vows. They were very beautiful. He's found love in his life and that's wonderful."
But Shatner then says his nastier comments came from his own hurt feelings. "George has been mean to me for a long time. Decades and decades. Older than almost you are (referencing Liz). He's been mean to me in public and I've never said anything. But now with access to more people, he continues to be mean and I don't know why."
"I wouldn't expect him to invite me to a place where he wanted to be surrounded by love and he'd see my little red face poking out there and look at me and feel whatever enmity he feels for what reason I do not know. I wish him well for his love and his marriage. I wish he'd stop being mean to me."
Shatner then brings up a conversation he says he had with Takei on the set of a 'Trek' film where he claims Takei wanted to have his own starship.
Shatner also invites Takei on his talk show, 'Raw Nerve,' to discuss the matter further. We'll wait to see if Sulu now has any further words for his captain.
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