Snoop Dogg Unleashes Slang for Martha

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(Nov. 18) - Snoop Dogg appeared on Martha Stewart's cooking show and dropped his five essential vocabulary words to get through life, which included 'fo-shizzle' and 'crack-a-lackin.' Of course, Snoop cooked too, revealing "in the hood" he doesn't make mashed potatoes with an electric mixer... or know how to peel potatoes. Watch the duo's interesting two-part segment below:
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Clip #1
Clip #2
Stewart revealed that since meeting Snoop backstage at the 'David Letterman Show,' the rapper has been corresponding with her regularly about getting a spot on the show. On Tuesday afternoon, he finally made his guest appearance.
Throughout the segment, Snoop helped prepare mashed potatoes using a recipe from Stewart's mom, Mrs. Kostyra. The rapper also plugged his reality show, 'Snoop Dogg's Father Hood,' which will debut its second season on Nov. 30.
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