No More Nude Photos for Kim Kardashian

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(Dec. 1) - Kim Kardashian claims her scantily-clad centerfold days are over, and she is done baring her bod. "I don't think I'll do Playboy or anything like that again," the 28-year-old reality star tells FOX News.
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While Kardashian isn't against posing for magazines, she says she wants to keep her clothes on and not reveal so much of herself.
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Kardashian became an overnight celebrity after her sex tape with her former boyfriend, R&B singer "Ray J" Norwood became public in 2007.
The exposure led to her eventually gracing last year's annual Playboy celebrity issue. While Kardashian took the role as a "Playboy Centerfold," she says it was a one time deal, and she won't be stripping down for the magazine again anytime soon.
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Celebrity Sex Tapes

    Christie Brinkley's ex-husband has a new scandal to deal with. Cook, who Brinkley officially divorced in July, reportedly made a sex tape with his teen lover Diana Bianchi, according to Page Six, who says they've seen video stills.

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    'Black Hawk Down' actor Josh Hartnett is suing a British tabloid for their "defamatory" report alleging the actor was caught having sex in a London library with surveillance cameras rolling. He is seeking damages and an apology from the Daily Mirror.

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    Verne Troyer has been keeping busy since the leaking of his sex tape. He successfully stopped a porn broker from releasing the video and is now suing his co-star, ex-girlfriend Renae Shrider. The actor best knows as "Mini-Me" alleges Shrider leaked the tape as revenge for him breaking up with her and says she physically abused him during their relationship.

    Todd Williamson, WireImage

    Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are the unofficial king and queen of celebrity sex tapes. Their leaked home-and-boat video set Hollywood ablaze when it was released.

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    Ray J allegedly sold a vacation sex video of himself and ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian for around $1 million. Kardashian now has her own VH1 reality show.

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    R. Kelly's sex tape is a bit different than most. His was used as evidence in a criminal trial, as the female involved was allegedly underage at the time. He was found not guilty.

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    Paris Hilton was devastated when her ex, Rick Salomon, sold a private sex tape of the couple. Strangely enough, Hilton's status appeared to get a boost by the night vision romp.

    Nate Brunton, ZUMA Press

    While there was no video, explicit photos of 'Sex and the City' star Kristin Davis, taken in 1992 by an ex-boyfriend, caused a stir online.

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    In one of the strangest pairings, rap-rock star Kid Rock and ultra-spiritual Creed singer Scott Stapp became sex tape stars when a groupie-filled tour bus video of the two emerged.

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    Sex tapes reportedly go old school as Vivid Entertainment claimed it had an 11-minute film of guitar god Jimi Hendrix caught in the act with two women. They say they've done extensive research to assure the footage is legit, Hendrix's estate says there's no way the tape is real.

    Joseph Sia, Hulton Archive / Getty Images

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