On Twitter, Britney and Barack Get Hacked

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(Jan. 5) - Personalities ranging from Britney Spears to Barack Obama have had their Twitter accounts hacked in the past week in the latest phishing scam to hit the micro-blogging site.
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Celeb Twitterers ... Hacked

    Rick Sanchez (twitter.com/ricksanchezcnn) has over 40,000 followers.


    Britney Spears (twitter.com/britneyspears) has over 14,000 followers.


    Fox News (twitter.com/foxnews) has over 6,000 followers.


    Barack Obama (twitter.com/barackobama) has over 160,000 followers.

In these faux "tweets," as each entry is known, Spears gives fans an update on her private affairs, Fox News announces that their top host is gay, and CNN's Rick Sanchez tweets in sick, using the "i am high on crack right now" excuse. All rogue messages have since been deleted by either Twitter or by the user itself.
But a hacker who infiltrated Obama's page made the biggest impact. More than 155K users follow his updates and received the following questionnaire: "What is your opinion on Barack Obama? Take the survey and possibly win $500 in free gas."
The site, which gives uses only 140 characters per post, addressed the spamathon: "A number of high-profile Twitter accounts were compromised this morning, and fake/spam updates were sent on their behalf. We have identified the cause and blocked it. We are working to restore compromised accounts."
Hey readers, have you spotted other celebs getting "twacked"? Post a link in the comments below.
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