Racy Pics of 'Idol' Contestant Surface

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(March 3) - It's not the first time a photo has posed a problem for an 'American Idol' contestant, and it probably won't be the last.
Pictures of Adam Lambert, who made the show's top 12 last week, kissing another male have been circling the Internet. VoteForTheWorst.com has several. See One Below
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Will these semi-sensational pics alienate the 'Idol' voting audience? You Tell Us
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Lambert could see his 'Idol' hopes sunk, just like Frenchie Davis and Antonella Barba.
Producers disqualified Davis in the second season after topless photos she had taken years earlier were found on the Internet.
And it seemed that the voters didn't take well to pictures of a scantily clad Barba, who failed to make the finals in season six after they appeared.
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