Celebrities Make Bizarre Food Requests

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(March 9) - Since Van Halen's request in 1982 to have a bowl of M&M's in their dressing room that had the brown ones picked out, celebrities have been creating bizarre demands for promoters. Straight from the celebrities' tour riders, check out which Gothic singer requires gummi bears and which diva will fine any promoter that gives her "fish ice."
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Celebrity Tour Riders

    Janet Jackson's rider clearly states that she will only accept "fresh, clean, crushed or cubed ice... NO ICE FISH." Supposedly it has happened before.

    Jim Spellman, WireImage

    Clay Aiken isn't able to consume any nuts, mushrooms, mint, coffee, chocolate or shellfish while on tour.

    Bruce Glikas, FilmMagic

    Mary J. Blige refuses to have any dairy or pork in her dressing room. But she does want her place stocked with FIJI water (no other kind), tub of red vine licorice, Cinnamon fresh Mentos and a tea set with condiments.

    Brad Barket, Getty Images

    Comedian Carrot Top prohibits one dessert from his dressing room. His rider reads, "Please No Carrot Cake--It's Still Not Funny!"

    Bruce Gifford, FilmMagic

    Despite Marilyn Manson's creepy demeanor, the musician doesn't have many odd requests. Actually, he prefers having gummi bears, mini chocolates, Doritos, and 2% milk.

    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

    Singer Alicia Keys will only eat fish and vegetables on tour and won't allow chicken, beef or pork in her dressing room.

    Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic

    Even though Queen Latifah travels with her own chef on tour, she makes sure to note in her tour rider that "no pork can be in the food or vicinity" of the singer. And her request for Kentucky Fried Chicken is solely an appetizer... not a dinner option.

    Jason Merritt, Getty Images

    Foo Fighters' rider is a masterpiece, citing the venue cannot give them recycled cereal from the last performer, one jar of pirate booty (that isn't Johnny Depp's), among other requests like not serving gassy soups that will make their roadies fart.

    Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic

    Singer John Mayer needs his Lucky Charms (and 2 bottles of Original Crazy Glue... hopefully not for consuming.)

    Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic

    'American Idol' singer, Rueben Studdard likes his southern food and needs a large bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in his dressing room.

    Scott Gries, Getty Images

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