Jaime Pressly Discusses Eating Disorder

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(March 12) - In actress Jaime Pressly's upcoming memoir 'It's Not Necessarily Not the Truth,' the 'My Name is Earl' star opens up about the eating disorder she suffered as a young fashion model. Page Six reports on the excerpt from Pressly's book, which will be released on March 17, quoting: "I created an easy and foolproof diet - two English muffins a day and water. It was [really] one English muffin, but I counted it as two . . . after I'd split it open."
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Celebrity Weight issues

    In Jaime Pressly's memoir, the 'My Name is Earl' star describes the eating disorder she suffered as a young fashion model.

    Timothy Norris, Getty Images

    Lindsay Lohan appears to be in another one of her "skinny" moods. The actress has been showing off her stick-thin figure at NYC' Fashion Week. Here, she attends a store opening on Feb. 15.

    Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images

    Tori Spelling says she feels "pressure" from the celebrity-driven media to be thin. That pressure has led her to lose weight at a fast clip. Above, Spelling poses in November, left, and then again on Jan. 29.


    Jessica Simpson's new curves (and pants) are not newsworthy, according to her sister Ashlee. Writing on her blog, Ashlee says it's "embarrassing and belittling to all women to read about a woman's weight or figure."

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    Over the years, Oprah Winfrey's weight has been about as stable as the stock market. One constant in all of this has been her diet guru and personal trainer, Bob Greene, whose books are actually doing better than ever despite his top client's struggles. "It's a very positive thing for me," he says, "and book sales aren't suffering."

    Larry Busacca, WireImage

    Winfrey recently revealed she's now weighing in at 200 pounds, and is "so frustrated" and "embarrassed" over the fact that she gained back the weight she dropped. The photo on the left is from Dec. 5, 2008. On the right is a photo from 2004.

    Getty Images

    Comedian Ricky Gervais, who's openly discussed his own weight issues in the past, is making headlines thanks to his latest rants against obese people who opt for surgery over exercise. "I want to say to them, 'You lazy f---ing fat pig,'" he said in a new audiobook.

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    Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe is seen here arriving at theCracked Xmas Fundraiser for The Trevor Project on December 7. Zoe's weight is often a topic of conversation, and she has been accused of influencing her clients to drop unsafe amounts of weight.

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    Ricki Lake, seen on the right before her weight loss in 1988's 'Hairspray,' says she's amazed at how she went through life at that weight. She's since dropped 140 pounds, despite having two children.

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    Shenae Grimes (far right) is lashing out against all of the criticism she and her fellow '90210' actresses are getting over their weight. Grimes tells PEOPLE she doesn't have an eating disorder, and declares: "This is me, this is my body –- I have accepted it."

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Pressly admits that when her bread-and-water diet failed to control her weight, she began purging her meals. A friend finally intervened, saying, "You're gonna stop this [bleep] right now!"
Pressly now reflects, "I can't believe I ever did that."
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