(April 15) -- Back in August, we here at PopEater put it in the hands of our readers as to whether or not we should continue covering any news about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. With a whopping 169,000 votes, 95 percent of PopEater voters said we should ban the 'Hills' duo. In the spirit of democracy, we wanted to give them a new chance at life, so we arranged an interview with them. What followed can only be described as a full-on verbal assault on our beloved readers by one Mr. Pratt, saying he will "track down all of the PopEater voters ... and focus on destroying their lives." For your pleasure, we've posted the audio: Skip over this content
Listen to Spencer React to Being Banned by PopEater Readers (... in April)

Upon informing Mr. Pratt of the poll and asking his response to the voting outcome, Pratt said "Wow, I can't believe I even agreed to do an interview with your terrible Web site. I would say to your readers they should stop clicking the same mouse all day long and get a life."

The conversation continued, and when PopEater asked if Heidi was available for a comment, Pratt told us that she "is very mad and doesn't want to answer any questions, but I'm polite and will continue the interview even though I know you guys haven't been posting us."

If only the polite part were true.

We continued with an unrelated question about what the couple's post-'Hills' plans might be, when Pratt began eviscerating our fine fanbase.

"I think I'm just going to track down all of the PopEater voters that voted to get us banned from a Web site and focus on destroying their lives," he joked (we think). After questioning how our polling works and being assured that it was a fair vote, Pratt made things pretty clear: "Well, sh--, then I really don't like any of your readers. (laughing) Touche!"

He then issues an open forum for anyone who would like to discuss the matter with him.

"Tell them all I'll see them on Twitter, and the beef is on ... Yea, let them know Spencer Pratt wants to throw down with all PopEater haters on his Twitter account (Here's Spencer's Twitter Account ... Have Fun!) ... I'll see you there, you tell me why we don't deserve to be on PopEater."
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We tried ending the interview there, but Pratt continued, saying he was "gonna go cry," asking which PopEater editor put the poll up, asking for a name. We urged him not to shed a tear, but we're pretty sure we heard a sniffle.

Things ended somewhat tense but mostly jovial, with Pratt saying: "Thank you so much for your time and lifting the ban against your readers' request ... that's what America is all about. Freedom of speech, we need our platform."