Demi Lovato Opens Up About New Album, Past Heartbreak

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Demi Lovato
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Saying Demi Lovato is busy would be an understatement. Hot on the heels of her star turn in 'Camp Rock,' releasing her debut album 'Don?t Forget' and performing alongside the Jonas Brothers -- both as an opener and as a special guest -- during their 'Burning Up' tour, the 16 year-old is currently in the studio recording her follow-up album, prepping a tour and getting ready to go back to 'Camp Rock' for its soon-to-be-shot sequel. But what did PopEater catch her doing when we called for an interview? Waking up from a nap.

"I?m actually at a promo shoot for 'Pass It On,' where all the Disney stars get together to do their thing to help pass along a green message,?? Lovato explains. ?I nap every chance that I get. It?s not lunch time, it?s nap time." Luckily, Lovato had enough time before heading back to her shoot to squeeze in a quick Q&A, to talk to PopEater about heartbreak, how to keep warm in a cold, rainy video shoot and who she believes is the greatest role model around.

What's the story behind your new single, 'Don't Forget'?

Everyone goes through the experience of falling in love, but then the other person just walks away, and goes somewhere else. I went through an experience like that and wanted to write about it. I got over it, and now a year later I don?t have those feelings about that person anymore.

The song is both vulnerable with a sense of longing, but also really angry.

That?s definitely how I felt in the beginning. I was more pissed ... I was so mad at the person. It?s like, there was a situation where you think it?s perfect, and all of a sudden he?s in a relationship three days later with someone you know. It was definitely a heartbreak. There?s another song I?m writing called 'Heartbreaker,' where I sing about how boys will be boys and they will break your heart. You?re mad at first, but then appreciate time you spent with them.

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And if break-ups help with your creativity, it?s all for a greater good, no?

Right. It all helps the cause, and helps me get through it. That?s why I never look at bad situations as being bad anymore. I was talking to Nick Jonas, and he was like, ?You know, I?m not upset anymore over situations,?? and I was like, ?Write a good song about this!?? The next album I'm releasing this summer, it?s a happier album. It?s not as angry. Over this past year I got over heartbreak and I?ve moved on.

What more can you tell us about the new album?

I just started writing, and I?m focused on it full time right now. This time I don?t have to do a TV show at the same time. I have 10 songs written, and it should be finished in a month. That?s how we did the last one -- we recorded vocals in ten-and-a-half days. We want to get it out in time for my fans to hear the new songs before the tour ... I?m headlining my first tour. I?m really excited.

Let?s go back to the video for 'Don?t Forget' for a second. It?s pretty intense, but I must know -- were you freezing in that rain?

[Laughs] I was! It was actually really freezing cold. You could see your breath. And I was in the rain for only a short time -- my whole band was out there for an hour-and-a-half. It was one of the hardest things I?ve ever had to do on a shoot. But it went by so quickly. I had a body suit on underneath my clothes, so there?s a little fun fact for you. I was trying not to break my focus pretty much the entire shoot, because I was really in that zone -- thinking a lot about the position I was in a year ago ... thinking about the situation and how much I wanted to get all that emotion off my chest.

I love that you and Selena [Gomez] have known each other since your 'Barney the Dinosaur' days. How has your relationship helped deal with fame?

This is all new for her, and back then we had no idea what we were getting into. Now that I?m in the position I?m in, she knows how it?s going to happen. But she gives me advice all the time -- telling me how to handle things. When I was working ten-and-a-half hours a day, nonstop touring, she was like, ?It?s okay to slow down.?? She taught me how to deal with stress and media, too. Selena is a strong girl -- she?s probably the best role model that?s out there right now. Before all this hit, I would tease her and say, ?Selena, why are you so perfect? Don?t you ever get grounded??? She never falls under peer pressure, she?s secure with herself, she knows how to have fu, and she?s great to look up to.

How do you feel about your life now, and what do you ultimately want to achieve with the rest of your time?

It?s hard. I?m managing my world with my friends and I get busy ... but everyone is busy. I just feel like a normal kid. I want to continue singing and acting, but I also want to keep writing and I want to direct some day. I?d even like to write books and scripts. As long as I?m creating something and turning it into art, I will be fine for the rest of my life.

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