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World, Please Meet the Sheen Twins

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The birth of twin boys Max and Bob has had a profound affect on actor Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke, as the couple open up about their newly-expanded family in an In Touch Weekly interview given exclusively to PopEater. In the full interview and photo spread (on newsstands April 28), the Sheens discuss everything from baby Max's hospitalization to how their lives have changed for the better, and also about dodging unexpected streams of urine. Exclusive Pics and Quotes Below!
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Sheen Twins Revealed

    The entire Sheen family -- Brooke and Charlie as well as twin boys Bob and Max -- are seen here in In Touch Weekly's reveal of the Sheen boys, given exclusively to PopEater. The full issue is available on newsstands April 28.

    Greg Gayne/Getty Images

    Charlie Sheen holds his two newborn sons in this photo from In Touch Weekly, available on newsstands April 28.


    The sheen twins are seen here, resting in their crib. Max is seen towards the top of the photo, while Bob is on the bottom enjoying a pacifier. The full issue of In Touch Weekly is available on newsstands April 28.

    In Touch

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Sheen, who says he's abandoned his past ways of hard partying, tells In Touch that "there are days I don't even want to go to work because I want to be with my family." Sheen continues, saying that with the two boys in addition to his three other daughters from previous relationships, he's "doing something for the greater good. They' re relying on me to make the right choices so they can have the life they deserve."
Brooke, who married Sheen in May 2008, says that "everything has fallen into place" with their family thanks to the twin boys.
Sheen jokes that because these are his first sons, he has to get used to the different anatomy ... and trajectory that comes with it.
"I'm completely baffled. Not to be graphic, but this is my first time changing a diaper for boys. I've been peed on a little. Bob really impressed me -- he hit the wall from two feet away. I was just glad I didn't take it in the face!" Sheen joked.
As for Brooke's parenting skills, Charlie has nothing but rave reviews for the new mom.
"She's unbelievable. She's so great, caring, focused, compassionate, lovingand selfless and eager to be involved and to learn. Her mom instincts are all there."
And best of all, both Charlie and Brooke agree that the experience has made Sheen a better person.
"They've made me a better man. People think when they get married it will solve selfishness and be about the other person, but really that doesn't happen until you have children," Sheen says. Brooke agrees, saying "He's totally involved. I was a little worried I'd be the one doing most of the work, but I was wrong."
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