Ana Ortiz: Pregnancy Made Me Psychic

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'Ugly Betty' star Ana Ortiz admits she's gained more than just weight during her pregnancy. Apparently, she's acquired psychic powers. "Before I found out I was having a girl I dreamt that I was having a girl," Ortiz told PEOPLE. "I even dreamt what her name was, so I guess that name should be her real name," she added.
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Ortiz announced that she is due in July. This will be her first child with husband, Noah Lebenzon.
"I can't wait to see who she looks like, my husband or me. I think she is going to look like my husband. I'm really excited to see how she looks like. Also I want to see my mom as a grandmother. So it's going to be fun," says Ortiz.
Ortiz admits she's already planning to shed her baby weight quickly after her daughter is born. "I'm not going to lie, I'm immediately going to try to get back into shape. We start work [on 'Ugly Betty'] two weeks after I give birth. The pregnancy was not written in the show, so I wish I could be cool and let nature take its course, but no, I'm definitely going to try to get into shape."
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