Bruce Jenner Doesn't Hide His Birthday Plastic Surgery

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Bruce Jenner gave himself an early 60th early birthday present: a new face.
?He corrected work that was done 25 years ago that he wasn?t happy with,?? his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian tells Life & Style. Jenner finally corrected the partial face-lift and nose job that went wrong more than two decades ago.
Life & Style reveals that Jenner will reveal more on the season premiere of E!?s 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.' ?We love the results!?? raves Kim. ?He looks 10 years younger. You can hardly tell he had anything done.??
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Did They Go Under the Knife?

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    "Nikki Cox's lips have taken on a life of their own, leaving people wondering -- just what did she do?" -- Right Celebrity

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    "My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing. I had a hernia, this huge bump next to my bellybutton. As a result, I couldn't wear a bikini. I lost a lot of work," Tara Reid said of her botched plastic surgery.

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    Cher has revealed multiple surgeries over the years, including a rhinoplasty and breast implants.

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    "Lil' Kim is headed down a path forged by Michael Jackson. Can't wait to see what she looks like in twenty years." -- Top Socialite


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