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10 Worst 'Take Me Out to The Ballgame' Performances

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Summer is here, and you know what that means - burgers, beaches and baseball games. One of our most treasured summertime memories is that seventh-inning stretch tradition, singing 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' with a mouth full of peanuts and - sometimes - a celebrity guest to lead the crowd in song. Anyone who's ever been to a baseball game knows that some of those guest singers are better than others, and some of them are bad beyond belief. Here are the ten most... entertaining attempts.
10. Mr. T
We pity the fool who does not appreciate Mr. T's senses of melody and fashion. He doesn't sound - or look - on key, but he makes up for it with patriotism and passion.
9. Kid Rock
Nothing says summer like a tone-deaf rendition of an American classic.
8. Ozzy Osbourne
The Prince of Darkness and baseball don't seem to go together, and maybe that's why we can't get enough of Ozzy in his Cubs jersey, slurring his way through the song. He doesn't know a single one of the words, and we're okay with it.
7. Danica Patrick
The IndyCar racing driver, model and author should keep her day job - er, day jobs. Patrick wears many hats, but "singer" is not one of them.
6. Eddie Vedder
The Pearl Jam singer isn't at his best when he's drunk. How do we KNOW he's drunk? You watch this and tell us he's not.
5. William Peterson
Actually, Gil Grissom from 'CSI' holds his tune pretty well. There's just something kind of funny about seeing him in the light of day, sans plastic gloves and/or a petri dish.
4. Jeff Gordon
Hey, NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon - the crowd might have booed less if you'd called Wrigley Field by the correct name. We're just saying.
3. William Hung
You can count on this 'American Idol' never-ran to be adorably horrible, and he doesn't disappoint. We don't know how he continues to be so cheerful and good-spirited while remaining the butt of a very long-running joke, but he does. Three cheers for William Hung.
2. Denise Richards
Wow. At least she's pretty.
1. Mike Ditka
Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka is famous for his very thick Midwestern accent, not for his rhythm. Now you know why.
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