Kate - Jon + 8 Kids + Skimpy Bikini

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While Jon's away, Kate will play ... with her eight kids and a camera crew on a beach in a bikini.
In the never-ending saga of Jon and Kate Gosselin, the reality couple that many think are on the outs spent the weekend separately. Kate soaked up the sun in North Carolina with her eight children, while Jon was spotted hitting up luxury stores at a New Jersey mall.
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PEOPLE reported that Kate was vacationing in Bald Head Island, N.C., with all eight of the couple's children. What's a day on the beach like for a massive reality family? The same as most -- bikinis, sand castles, etc -- except there's a large camera crew and security guards in tow.
TMZ reported that Jon spent the weekend at Riverside Square Mall in New Jersey, making pit stops in pricey stores like Louis Vuitton and Cole Haan.
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Gustavo Caballero, WireImage
Gustavo Caballero, WireImage
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