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The 10 Best Head-Shaving Moments

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Stephen Colbert
Steve Manuel, AP
In honor of Stephen Colbert's patriotic buzz cut, we've picked the best head-shaving moments in pop culture -- either real or on screen. The best are below
10. Izzie shaves her head on 'Grey's Anatomy.'
After a surprise wedding, Izzie Stevens takes the flower piece out of her hair, only to realize her cancer treatments are causing her hair to fall out.
9. Debra rebels with a new 'do in 'Empire Records.'
Robin Tunney's character hated the world, and her hair.
Robin Tunney
Everett Collection
8. The love for a child in 'My Sister's Keeper
Cameron Diaz's Sarah shaves her head in solidarity with her cancer-stricken daughter in the film.
Cameron Diaz
7. Smith's gesture to Samantha on 'Sex and the City.'
Suffering from breast cancer, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) puts a razor to her hair, and tells her boyfriend Smith (Jason Lewis) he can't handle it. Smith grabs the razor, and proves to her that he can.
6. Ripley's shorn head in 'Alien 3'
You obviously don't need curly locks to kick some alien butt, as Sigourney Weaver's Ripley proved. (Bonus points to Sigorney who actually took it all off.)
Sigourney Weaver
Everett Collection
5. The cheftestants go bald on 'Top Chef.'
We like that Elia went along with the guys in this plan.
4. Evey gets tortured in 'V for Vendetta.'
The police think chopping off Natalie Portman's hair will get her to give up V. (Natalie earns the same kudos as Sigourney for really shaving her head.)
Natalie Portman
Warner Bros.
3. The opening scene of 'Full Metal Jacket'
Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam war movie's definitely deserves a place in the bald-head hall-of-fame.
2. Jordan wants to be a Navy SEAL.
Like Weaver and Portman, Demi Moore wanted to play the part of a woman entering the Navy SEALs authentically.
Demi Moore
Everett Collection
1. Britney's breakdown
This is one of those moments that doesn't really need an explanation.
Britney Spears
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