Artie Lange Runs Amok on 'Joe Buck'

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A rampaging Artie Lange went too far on Monday's maiden voyage of HBO's 'Joe Buck Live,' the mild-mannered sportscaster said shortly after spending an uncomfortable stretch of live air with the Howard Stern sidekick.
The foulmouthed funnyman made repeated homophobic cracks about Buck and Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, ripped on Jessica Simpson's weight and traded insults with fellow guests Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis in a tense exchange that teetered on the brink. Watch the NSFW Part 2 below. Why only one part? Because HBO keeps taking the vids down on YouTube.
"Do I think it went too far? Yes," Buck told USA Today. "Will he be back? If it's up to me, no. But again it's live TV man."
HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg said Lange "bordered on bad taste" with his "mean-spirited" tone.
"He probably wanted to make a name for himself," Greenburg said. "He's not a household name; he's got a certain fan base under the Stern umbrella. Maybe he thought he could become a household name."
Lange responded to Greenburg on Stern's radio show, Tuesday morning. "Go f--k yourself, I don't care how important you are in this business."
Later in an email to the New York Times, Lange toned down his response to Greenburg. "It is HBO and they know who I am," Lange said. "I'm not Kathie Lee Gifford." Immodestly, he added, "I may even wake the audience up after a mind-numbingly dull interview with Brett Favre."
"My only agenda was to be funny and make the show good, which is what I did."
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