We've been fans of Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black since they starred on 'The State' - MTV's cult sketch comedy hit of the '90s - and we've followed them through umpteen appearances on VH1's 'I Love the __'s' series, a few hilariously nonsensical films and their ill-fated Comedy Central series 'Stella.' The show, featuring both Michaels and their fellow 'State' alum David Wain, was a perfect specimen of surrealist humor that proved a little too quirky for a mainstream audience. Despite a loyal following - a loyal, extremely small following - 'Stella' lasted just one season. Now Michaels Showalter and Black are back on Comedy Central with 'Michael and Michael Have Issues,' premiering July 15, 2009. We'll be there with bells on, and in preparation, we spoke to the guys about what they have planned.

PopEater: 'Michael and Michael Have Issues' is a show about the lives of comedy sketch writers - which, obviously, you are. Is this your 'Studio 60'?

Michael Ian Black: "Hopefully not. If we could be half as successful as 'Studio 60'..."

PE: You'd be off the air really soon?

Black: "Exactly."