In the wake of Paula Abdul's will-she-or-won't she departure from 'American Idol,' we've come to really embrace the qualities that made her such a great judge to have around. She was sweet, spunky, and reliably hilarious (intentional or otherwise). We've discussed how Abdul might fare on other reality competition programs, but the truth is, there are plenty of judges with equally wonderful, if not as bizarre, qualities. Here are some of our favorite judges to ever grace the long side of a panel.

David Hasselhoff

He acts. He sings. He critiques. As a judge on 'America's Got Talent,' David Hasselhoff's exuberant attitude and facial expressions make the show worth watching time after time. He's often one of the first to give a standing ovation and proclaim someone to be a true contender. There's no doubt that The Hoff knows talent when he sees it, even if he is kind of cheesy about it.