If the editors of PopEater know anything, it's how to apply Lindsay Lohan's self-tanner, Sevin Nyne. So when we saw these photos of Lindsay on the set of 'Machete' (yes, the 'Machete' from 'Grindhouse') and noticed that there's a big old patch of non-Lo-Tanned skin in clear view, we wanted to say we're here to share our expertise if Lindsay needs us. We're givers, and we just want Lindsay to look her best at all times.

The PopEater Lohan Tanner Experiment
The pale, pre-Sevin Nyne PopEater team displays the Lindsay Lohan tanner that is about to make them either golden gods or orange Oopma-Loompas. Right to Left: Melissa Daniels, Mike Hess and Ilaina Ferramosca. How'd it turn out, you ask? Check Out the Lo-Tan Pics!
Ben Trivett, Popeater
Ben Trivett, Popeater