Anna Paquin won an Academy Award for her performance in 'The Piano' at the tender age of 11. Now a grown woman of 27, Paquin has taken on the small screen - and the role of fair-haired, perky Sookie Stackhouse in Alan Ball's HBO vampire drama 'True Blood.' Paquin spoke to Nylon magazine about her take on television and what the world looks like to a blonde. Check out highlights below, and go to Nylon for more.

On her new, blonde hair: "I don't look like a Barbie doll, and probably never will. People are incredibly literal in how they view you. You have dark hair and pale skin? You must be brooding. The second you dye your hair blonde and get a spray tan, people treat you as if you're a bit stupider and happier. Suddenly, it's like you're hot and sexy."