Artist: KSM
Age: Shelby Cobra, 16; Katie Cecil, 15; Sophia Melon, 18; Shae Padilla, 18; Kate Cabebe, 18

Why They're Hot: KSM are the rocking girls behind the Cheap Trick cover and '10 Things I Hate About You' theme song 'I Want You to Want Me.' Their band name, comes from the fact that each girl's name begins with a "K" or an "S," and music -- the origin of the "M" -- is what brings them together. The girls have performed with the Cheetah Girls, Jordan Pruitt and the Jonas Brothers, and just wrapped up select dates with David Archuleta and Demi Lovato.

What's Up Next: KSM are set to release their debut album, 'Read Between the Lines,' on September 22.