Kim Kardashian decided to upload a few pictures on her Twitter -- to give her 2 million+ fans a look at her QuickTrim photo shoot. Looks like she'll be baring a lot of skin for the new advertisements. Earlier this week, she and her sister Khloe announced they were the official spokeswomen for the diet and weight loss campaign. Get the story and check out other celebrity TwitPics >>,feedConfig,entry&id=686013&pid=686012&uts=1252013577,aolsvc&omni=1&ke=1
Who Needs Paparazzi?
See what happens when celebrities take over the role of paparazzi and share intimate photos with their fans. Best Celebrity Twitter Pics >>

Celebrity Paparazzi

    Kim Kardashian writes on her Twitter: "A sneak peek at our Quick Trim photo shoot!"

    Lindsay Lohan writers on her Twitter, "my dream ..... true blood is AMAZING"

    Paris Hilton writes on her Twitter, "Marilyn Monroe & I Chillin by the Pool :)"

    Holly Madison poses in a bikini in Las Vegas.

    Courtney Love poses with her pet turtle.


    Courtney Love poses with her pet turtle.


    Kendra Wilkinson tweets "I didn't want to but I pulled the "Kendra" card and got out of a ticket hahahaha." (Her twitter:

    Paris Hilton posted this photo to her Twitter account ( "I adopted the cutest little kitten today. Her name is Princess Annabelle. She is so adorable! Love her!"

    M.I.A.'s little son, Ikhyd, wearing a onesie similar to her Grammys outfit.

    Holly Madison poses with her dog.