Here in the PopEater offices, we're jumping for joy about the return of 'Glee' on Fox Wednesday night. Our peek at the series after the 'American Idol' finale had us counting the minutes until its proper debut. We also asked ourselves why our high school choruses hadn't done anything remotely as cool as 'Don't Stop Believin'.' In the end, we turned to YouTube to see that plenty of middle schools ,high schools and colleges have acts that could give the kids at McKinley High a run for their money. Some highlights that blew our minds below. Did we leave your group's video out? Paste URLS below and we'll hit a second list before 'Glee' next week with your picks!

Rihanna's 'Disturbia'

USC's Reverse Osmosis kicks out the jams with this Rihanna classic with a touch of Eurythmics thrown in to kick up the drama a notch.