Joel McHale's career has been an interesting one for sure. He's been in showbiz for quite some time and is an actor at his core, yet most people know him for his snarky (and hysterical) delivery of celebrity news on 'The Soup.' That's all about to change, as McHale is getting some major facetime in the new NBC sitcom 'Community' (premieres Thurs. 9/17 @ 9:30pm EST). Sharing the screen with comedy legend Chevy Chase and other laugh-inducing actors, McHale tells PopEater that this role is "a dream come true" and that he worries NBC is eventually just going to drive over him with a bus (his words). Also, with his celeb prowess, we couldn't help but ask about the Kanye-Taylor fiasco, which he thinks will totally help Taylor's career. Read the interview after the jump:

Go Behind the Scenes of NBC's 'Community'