It's always a party when Megan Fox opens her mouth, and in her freewheeling Rolling Stone interview, it's as if the 'Jennifer's Body' sexpot is at the front door passing out bottomless cups. In it, the actress admits being "not super-excited" about her body, likens lesbian kissing scenes in her new movie to "crazy kiddie porn," and she proudly touts the "power of her vagina" when she wants to terrify a man.

She also reveals that it's her hot temper -- which gets riled during tiffs with her on/off boyfriend -- that is the core reason why she's not a gun owner. "I wouldn't shoot to kill. But I would shoot him in the leg, for sure."

Continue reading for more highlights, including her penchant for self-mutilation, a Jeffersonian declaration, and a perfunctory dig at her 'Transformers' director.