Since Comedy Central is (brilliantly) capitalizing on Kanye West's recent idiocy by re-running their Kanye-mocking 'Fishsticks' episode this week, it got us thinking just how many times 'Park' creators Matt Parker and Trey Stone have absolutely eviscerated celebrities on the raunchy 'toon. From Tom Cruise to Paris Hilton and beyond, if a celebrity winds up on 'South Park,' chances are it ain't gonna end well. We've compiled the best (and foulest) celeb moments on the cartoon that just doesn't quit being ridiculously offensive and, yep, we'll admit it ... hysterical. Kanye video below, many more after the jump! (WARNING: Explicit)

Kanye West

Months before Kanye became the most hated man in music (for the time being, at least), 'South Park' ripped his ego a new one by likening the rapper to an egomaniacal gay fish complete with a parody of his song 'Heartless.'