Ruben Studdard won 'American Idol' during the second season of the hit reality show. Now, the singer has a new single called 'Don't Make 'Em Like U No More' off of his fourth album, 'Love Is,' and will begin a tour with David Foster and Friends this fall. In an exclusive interview, Studdard tells PopEater about his music, who he'd love to work with, and what he thinks about Ellen DeGeneres replacing Paula Abdul on the series that made him a star.

"Ellen has been in the industry for so long, I think her opinion most definitely matters. She's been around great talent for a long time. So I'm sure they wouldn't have asked her to be on the show if she doesn't have the ability to discern what's great talent and what's not," he says. Read the Interview Inside

Listen to 'Don't Make 'Em Like U No More'