Brooke White is riding high on the release of her debut album, 'High Hopes & Heartbreak,' and now the 26-year-old Arizona native is on tour with fellow 'American Idol' alum Michael Johns. In this Road Report, White checks in on her first day out on the road in Pomona, CA, and though things get off to a rocky start, White channels the strength and support of her friends and family to triumph over a series of little calamities.

We kicked off this shindig of a tour at the Glasshouse in Pomona on September 17th. If I am being completely honest, I hadn't a clue that Pomona existed until days before the show. As I walked into the venue for the first time, it almost resembled a roller rink with high ceilings and a stage in the corner. All the instruments had been set up and we were nearing our first sound check. We'd been camped out in rehearsals for days [prior] to the show, but this would be the first time that we could actually hear each other. I finally felt the excitement of the band playing together, the power of amplified sound and the rumble of the bass that I could feel through the heels of my bare feet on the stage. I sat in Benton Paul's sound check and was reminded of his unbelievable talent and pure voice, and was so happy that he was joining us on this tour.