Brooke White is riding high on the release of her debut album, 'High Hopes & Heartbreak,' and now the 26-year-old Arizona native is on tour with fellow 'American Idol' alum Michael Johns. In this Road Report, White talks about her Sacramento and Reno shows and how she pulled through an uncertain in-store performance despite her ailing voice.

Since [Pomona], we've hit Sacramento, which was an amazing show. What a turn out -- the fans were on fire. They just gave us all they had, and in return we gave all that we had. I think I experienced one of those moments when you realize why you do what you do; it becomes worth it! We then drove a few short hours to Reno. This being our second night on the bus, I had realized that I was facing a severe case of bus insomnia and hadn't slept a wink in the last two days. I started to feel a little run down and raspy than usual.

Michael and I geared up for another Borders in-store performance -- I was to go on before Michael and decided to do a little impromptu performance of 'Phoenix,' a song that I had yet to perform in front of an audience. Really it is one of my favorites on the record and we are not playing it in the set, so I felt like it needed to be shared. Unfortunately, I had placed the capo (a little device that changes the key) on the wrong fret, causing the key to be too low, so after singing a few lines decided it would be a good idea to abort and, uh, start over.