If there was one thing that would be certain for the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live,' it's that resident 'Digital Short' auteur Andy Samberg would have some sort of ridiculously funny video planned. While the Megan Fox-starring 'The Date' and 'Megan's Roommate' were kinda funny (watch 'Date' here and 'Roommate' here), we don't think they lived up to Samberg's past greatness (and really didn't need to be a 'Digital Short'). Now that his first crack at funny is out of the way this year, we figured it was time to put together the all-time most riotous 'Digital Shorts' that Andy's sick brain has ever concocted. Watch them all after the jump!

'Lazy Sunday'

This was the original 'Chronicles of Narnia'-themed Digital Short that set 'SNL' and the viral video world on fire. Lorne Michaels quickly learned that posting the videos Hulu was a way to cash in on them, rather than everyone watching on YouTube.