It's not like Pee-Wee Herman has ever been anti-technology. On 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse,' the popular 80s TV show that made him famous, the frenetic pale-faced hedonist used an early version of Skype to talk to his pals and picked up an oversized telephone for local calls. Outside these two modes of communication, he didn't need much else. Pee-Wee's friends - Cowboy Curtis, Miss Yvonne and Chairry - had a penchant for dropping by unannounced.

Unfortunately, Pee-Wee's social context has changed a lot since then. In the aftermath of his creator Paul Reubens' indecent exposure charges and two decades out of the limelight, Pee-Wee's network has dwindled. But what better time for a social butterfly to re-join the human race? The 21st century is synonymous with social networking and that appears to be all Pee-Wee has needed to 'Tequila'-dance his way back into pop culture.