Show us a woman who's sold more than 200 million albums worldwide in her near 30-year career -- a career that's also boasted an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a Golden Globe, the title of Best-Selling Female Rock Artist of the 20th Century, as named by the Recording Industry Association of America, and immeasurable influence on pop culture and the generations behind her -- and we'll show you a woman who's more than worthy of multiple greatest hits packages. 'Celebration,' Madonna's third best-of retrospective, hits proverbial shelves this week, and while she says herself she's not one for looking back on her life, she doesn't mind if other folks do it for her.

Billboard journalist Larry Flick spoke with Madonna recently, surrounding the release of 'Celebration,' and is sharing the results of that one-on-one interview exclusively with PopEater. In the conversation, the Queen of Pop opens up about her favorite Madonna songs, her desire for more children, what's next on life's checklist and why even she needs reminding of all she's accomplished.