Brooke White is riding high on the release of her debut album, 'High Hopes & Heartbreak,' and now the 26-year-old Arizona native is on tour with fellow 'American Idol' alum Michael Johns. In this Road Report, White recalls her Portland and Spokane shows while her tourmates are out "enjoying a night on the town."

PORTLAND, OREGON: So, picking up where I left off... What I can remember of Portland is that it was a bizarre show of a million malfunctions. Besides the fact that I was still recovering from my irritating run of laryngitis, my keyboard cable had a short in it, causing it to completely shut down mid-song. [It happened] at least three times, resulting in bare naked vocals just hanging in mid-air. As I switched to guitar to play 'Little Bird,' I was startled by the sound of my own strum that was uncomfortably out of tune with the rest of the band due to a very cold room. My instinct was to stop, re-tune and start over, but with a growing track record of imperfections that night, it seemed to fit in just fine.