Although 'Gossip Girl' continues to enchant us with juicy story lines and fashionable clothing, this season is blatantly fictitious about the freshman college experience. Does anyone remember moving into their college dorm? It was probably a small room in which you had to live, eat and sleep in -- while sharing it with a person you'd never met. Yet, when the Upper East Siders moved into their new digs at NYU, it was obvious their college lifestyle would be a larger-than-life exaggeration. Here's a list of things that caught our eye during the third season episodes that we're sure would never happen in real life.

1. Dorm Size

Anyone who has been to college knows a dorm room is a nice term for the hole in the wall you'll be living in -- and is nothing like Blair Waldorf's huge palace-like NYU digs. At one point, 15 students are sitting comfortably in a dorm room watching a movie. With plenty of room to walk around, it's far fetched from typical dorm living spaces.