Mackenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips just keeps going and going and going ...

It's been almost two weeks since Mackenzie Phillips dropped the bombshell that she carried on a ten-year incestuous affair with her father John Phillips. In the past ten days, there have been plenty of emotions from the public, starting with shock and horror followed by a voracious need for more details. We also watched as members of the Phillips clan -- Chynna, Bijou and Michelle -- tried to piece together their own admittedly-hazy memories of their family history.

Now we're just exhausted. We've watched Mackenzie on Oprah, on Extra, on Larry King and on the Today Show...twice. We even bought the book she has been touting, 'High On Arrival,' just in case we had missed anything. Does anyone else feel exhausted watching her retell such painful stories at such a high frequency? Expert Opinion After the Jump >>>