Lindsay Lohan has made her fashion "debut", and it's not pretty.

Blogs around the world are roasting the actress for the latest Ungaro collection, which presented halfway through Paris' prestigous Fashion Week. Created mostly by veteran Barcelona-born designer Estrella Archs, the United States' very own LiLo was invited to add input into the collection.

Originally, some people thought it was a joke (or just a thinly-veiled marketing masterpiece), but as rumours turned into hard fact, appointed head designer Esteban Cortazar abruptly quit Ungaro.

From what we saw on the runway, Cortazar was an absolute genius to wash his hands of this collection and of Ungaro. Packed with bright fuschia, orange, and pink, the runway presentation was like walking past a club lineup. The necklines were shamelessly low, and the skirts were short, almost useless, since sometimes a butt cheek errantly peeked out.