A new Nintendo Wii game based on the popular 'Biggest Loser' series hits stores on October 6, and Bob Harper, a trainer on the show, is very excited about it. More About The Game

"It's almost like being a contestant on the show. Not only is there a workout, but there are challenges and there's recipes from our book. There's the whole package in this video game," he says.

In an interview with PopEater, Bob talks about the advantages of the game, and what he loves about 'The Biggest Loser.' More

'The Biggest Loser'
Bob Harper poses with former 'Biggest Loser' contestants Nicole Brewer and Damien Gurganious after the couple played 'The Biggest Loser' on the Wii.
Maggie Coughlan, PopEater
Maggie Coughlan, PopEater