Who: Mishka
Album: 'Above the Bones'
Video: 'Above the Bones'
Hails From: The Caribbean
For Fans Of: Bob Marley

Why He's About to Pop:
Matthew McConaughey may be best known for his roles in romantic comedies, but lately he's been lending a hand to reggae artist Mishka. The actor added the up-and-coming artist to his record label's roster soon after becoming a fan of Mishka's music while on holiday in Jamaica, and he ended up assisting with the creative process for Mishka's latest album, 'Above the Bones.' "It was great working with him," Mishka tells PopEater. "He has great enthusiasm for life and music. Even though it was a big learning experience for him, he kept pushing everybody to do their best, coach style."

Mishka had a unique upbringing out at sea on his parents' yacht, sailing all over the Atlantic and the Caribbean and picking up bits and pieces of different cultures along the way. As a result, his music is influenced by reggae, rock, folk, soul and more. But above all, Mishka says he hopes to communicate just a few simple things with his sound: "Music, positive vibrations, consciousness."