When pondering Jennifer Aniston's love life as covered by the tabloids, several word associations immediately spring to mind: Jilted. Lonely. Desperado.

According to breathless gossip reports, Aniston can't catch a break. One week, she's trying to date Bradley Cooper who in turn, is poached by Renee Zellweger; then her downward spiral continues as ex-Vince Vaughn proposes to his girlfriend. Jen remains alone, traumatized by her tumultuous breakup with Brad Pitt and the drama that ensued. According to Google, over 270,000 people still search for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt together each month. Meanwhile, her on-again, off again relationship with John Mayer is currently rumored to be on again. (PEOPLE claims they are "very friendly.") What's a 'Good Girl' supposed to do? PopEater spoke with dating experts to reveal how Aniston can land her perfect man.