If you want to walk like a true zombie, the Toronto Zombie Walk, happening October 24 at Trinity Bellwoods Park, should take five hours. If you're into the more modern 'Resident Evil' or 'Zombieland' zombies, it should take about five minutes.

"Originally, the Zombie Walk was called that because that's what they did. They got out of their graves and they walked so slowly and their power was in numbers," explains Zombie Walk organizer Thea Munster, who has a fun way of applying logic to the event she founded seven years ago, an idea that has caught on all over the world.

"Lately, zombies are faster and more able to attack victims on their own. It's funny because there were people that came as '28 Days Later' zombies and they're running zombies. So are the 'Zombieland' zombies, so I'm gonna have to have a zombie run, instead of a walk."