Kenny G and Rivers CuomoThough he's kept a low profile over the past few years, Kenny G has been busy, quietly releasing albums like 2008's Latin-tinged 'Rhythm and Romance.' But rather than stick solely to his trademark smooth jazz sound, he surprised fans recently by collaborating with alterna-rockers Weezer.

For their recent Sessions taping at AOL's West Coast studio, Weezer asked the saxophonist to contribute a solo for their catchy song 'I'm Your Daddy,' from their latest album, 'Raditude.' Prior to the taping, the jazz man had never met the quirky California band. "I got an e-mail from my manager," Kenny G said of the odd pairing. "I don't know anything about Weezer -- nothing. I've heard the name, but I never knew any of their songs [except] some song about a sweater," he added, referring to their 1994 hit, 'Undone -- The Sweater Song.'