Leona Lewis is fed up with her fans acting all classist about her electrician boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa (whom she has been dating for 7 years). Speaking about the 'snide bewilderment' some fans have about her dating a minimum wage earning non-celeb Lewis said: "It does make me angry. Because he's a great person. And it doesn't matter what you do in life, what your job is, where you come from." You tell 'em Leona. Frankly, we at PopEater couldn't be more supportive of Lewis dipping her toes into the common people's dating pool. At the end of the day one celebrity dating another celebrity seems to make life much more complicated. You have twice the egos to contend with, twice the paparazzi and twice the drama. We can't fault Leona for wanting come home after a tough tour and cuddle up with the man who can rewire her track lighting.

Our experts weigh in on why dating "down" can work for a celebrity and other bold-facers who date the common-folk ... after the jump.