Sexuality has always been Britney Spears' best weapon, and that's never been more true with the release of her video for '3' -- a song that's essentially a 4-minute manifesto on threesomes. While Miss Spears certainly can craft a steamy tune, there's a long line of sexually-charged pop hits that have made America's airwaves a little uncomfortable (and excited). Allow PopEater to break down the most sex-in-your-face pop songs:

Britney Spears: '3'

We wonder if Peter, Paul and Mary ever dreamed that their names would be used synonymously with a menage-a-trois ... or if the mention would be a # 1 hit.

Steamy Lyric:
"If you don't like the company / Let's just do it you and me / You and me / Or three / Or four ... On the floor "