Who: Jaicko
Album: 'Can I'
Video: 'Oh Yeah'
Hails From: Barbados
For Fans Of: The Dream, Chris Brown

Why He's About to Pop:
Jaicko's Caribbean-infused pop tunes are just hitting US radio this year, but he's been building his fanbase for years. "
I released a number of songs in Barbados," Jaicko told PopEater. "We have two Top 40 radio stations, and I used to get plugged in between Rihanna and Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z."

The singer, who recently visited PopEater to preview some catchy tunes from his debut album, 'Can I,' might not be asked for as many autographs here in New York just yet, but that's bound to change. Jaicko's first single, 'Oh Yeah,' has already been remixed by Snoop, and for the album tracks that he didn't self-produce, a notable team of producers -- Stargate (Ne-Yo, Beyonce), Rob Allen (Chris Brown, Rihanna) and Jim Jonson (Lil Wayne) -- lent a hand.

"The reason why I decided to name the album 'Can I' was because I was doing music from nine years old. I'm 18 now," Jaicko said. "From then 'til now, I went through a lot of struggles both personally and being in the music industry. That kind of motivated me to write the track. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it ... I think the world needs a real track like that, coming from someone young." Check out an exclusive interview with Jaicko after the jump, and keep an eye out for his album, which is set to be released this winter.