"Is Anderson Cooper gay?" That's the big question once again circulating around the Web ... only this time it's not so much is he, but who is he dating and why hasn't he come out yet. Last week, Gawker, Page Six and Perez Hilton started buzzing about supposedly closeted Cooper's rumored new beau (who, to be fair, Michael Musto has been blogging about for more than a month), and the glut of attention was accompanied by an almost crushing sense of déjà vu. Why? Because Cooper's sexuality is hardly a fresh topic. As Gawker's Brian Moylan said in an October 29th post on the subject: "Saying Cooper is gay is no longer a scoop. It's not a scandal." So, to get to the bottom of A-Coop's long-debated sexuality, PopEater decided to talk directly to those trying to out the Silver Fox. The chats about Cooper's "glass closet" after the jump!