Doesn't it feel like the whole world wants to hold Rihanna's hand today? Well except for Chris Brown, who is still finding new ways to smack a girl down from afar. After her tearful chat with Diane Sawyer this morning where Rihanna admitted she went back to Chris again and again and talked about how ashamed she was of herself for not being strong enough to leave an abusive relationship, women (and sensitive men) across the globe just wanted to be on that couch saying, "Girl we understand!"

All of that Rihanna good-will must have been too much for Chris to handle since he will try to strip away some of her sympathy thunder tomorrow night when he vents in his own sit down with MTV News, a couple of hours before Rihanna's interview with 20/20 is scheduled to air. Is Brown doing damage control or is he just being a jerk? Our experts weigh in after the jump.