Album: 'Serabee' EP
Video: 'Driving Me Stupid'
Hails From: Kiln, Miss.
For Fans Of: Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood

Why She's About to Pop: Hailing from the South, Serabee brings a soulful edge to pop music. The singer has been performing since the age of five, when she joined her father's touring band. Her father, a preacher, traveled with Serabee and the rest of the family around the country to play for church crowds. Serabee soon discovered the music of Aretha Franklin, Prince, Ray Charles and Steve Winwood, and they all influenced her own vocal style and attitude. In time, the singer developed her songwriting skills, and eventually penned Charlotte Church's 'Crazy Chick,' which became a big hit in the UK. Now, Serabee has recorded her own EP, filmed her first music video and is ready to introduce the world to her sound.

"I can't wait to get on the road," Serabee tells PopEater. "Playing music is my favorite thing, and it is so exciting to think about sharing mine with everyone." Check out Serabee's single, 'Driving Me Stupid,' and the rest of her debut EP, available on Nov. 10.