Jason Derulo
Album: 'The Whatcha Say EP'
Video: 'Whatcha Say'
Hails From: Miramar, Florida
For Fans Of: Ne-Yo, Chris Brown

Why He's About to Pop: With his debut single 'Whatcha Say' tearing up the charts, Jason Derulo's face may be new on the scene, but he's been a presence in the music world since he was twelve years old, writing songs for major artists like Diddy, Lil Wayne, Danity Kane and Sean Kingston (to name a few). Throughout those years, the multi-talented artist (he can sing, dance and act also) knew something was missing. "[Songwriting] wasn't my career path, that was not my choice. It kind of just fell in my lap and was lucrative so I went with the punches," he told PopEater during a recent office visit. "I wanted to express myself ... I didn't want to be the pen behind the voice."

This revelation was nothing new. Derulo had dreams of stardom by age five, when he started mimicking his hero, Michael Jackson. "[My mother] probably brushed it off a little bit like, 'Oh that's cute.' I would just be in front of the TV practicing every single dance move and singing all the songs for weeks at a time nonstop." Years of hard work and practice have paid off, as evident in the tracks Derulo let our staff preview during his office visit. Combining club-ready beats and clever samples with infectious melodies, Derulo is armed and ready to step out in the spotlight.