James Franco has a long list of impressive credits on his resume, including mainstream and cult hits such as 'Spider-man' and 'Pineapple Express'. But this month he will finally receive the ultimate accolade for any true Hollywood star: a guest spot on 'General Hospital'.

Yes, it's true: the dreamy Franco, who is known for unusual career choices such as his decision to temporarily drop acting altogether to pursue a literary degree, will be appearing on the long-running soap as a mysterious assassin. But Franco is hardly the first star to pass through 'General Hospital''s hallowed halls; for decades, the show has been both a launching pad for unknowns who went on to become stars and a welcoming venue for established legends to let their hair down.

In honor of Franco's appearance, then, we thought we'd tip our hats to the folks at Port Charles and present some of our favorite star appearances on 'General Hospital'. Because you never know when that hunky doc handing out love advice may turn out to be the next Rick Springfield.